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Happy, Healthy, Spoiled, & Extra-Loved Sheepadoodle Pups!

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Sunflower Family Farms started as a childhood dream of becoming a breeder. We are passionate about breeding the right way, and our dogs are our family. We do not own kennels or have outdoor dogs; we are a small family breeder with very loved doggies. Our puppies are raised in our living room with many puppy culture protocols, and our dogs are genetically tested and cleared. Visit our testimonials page to see what a difference raising puppies with love can do.

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There’s no better feeling than when we match one of our precious puppies with a loving new family. This is why we put so much time, love and effort into ensuring they enter their furrever home in tip-top shape.



We use Puppy Culture methods for potty training and our puppies start learning how to use potty in pine-scented areas.

Our puppies are also:

  • Vaccinated at veterinarian's office

  • Regularly dewormed

  • Given puppy-safe flea medicine before going home 

  • Raised in our living room as part of the family


Young puppies are very impressionable, especially around 4-6 weeks old. Because of this, we expose our puppies to a good deal of stimulation, including:

  • Regular baths & Nail Clipping

  • Exposure to the same high speed blow driers used by groomers

  • Touching their paws (ENS style training)

  • Bottle feeding in addition to mothers milk

  • Give a large variety of new toys & treats regularly

  • Lots of sounds & handled regularly



Our puppies and pawrents are fed a high quality food free of peas, corn, and soy. Our mamas and puppies get lots of treats and snacks.

Up until the pups go home, we add quality probiotics to their food at every meal. They are free-fed, providing them with 24/7 access to food and water. This takes away food anxiety and over-eating.

We bottle feed every baby in addition to their mamas milk, getting them off to a great start. Although time consuming, you can see what a difference it makes in our pups!

Our mamas receive doggie supplements that are tailored for a nursing mama's needs. 


We love to pup-date our families with info & pictures! Instagram is our main way of sharing and we generally post pictures and videos multiple times a day. We upload new pictures and videos of our current litters to the site about every week and post lots of pictures to both Instagram and Facebook.  We have a small private Facebook group to interact with other families who have one of our pups!   

​The picture on the right is our puppy paw prints that we take of each puppy!



We are knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate.  Sunflower Family Farms has been a labor of love as well as years of sacrifices to build what it has become. 

We are proud of our puppies and pawrents and choose the pairings carefully before breeding. This is why our puppies are so fluffy, cute, and have the best markings!

You can know that each and every one of our dogie pawrents are loved for the entire span of their lives. They have loving homes from the start and are always our priority. We love to spoil them like crazy! They sleep with us snuggled up on the couch and are indoor family dogs. We do not have any outdoor dogs and we are a family breeder, not a kennel.

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Sunflower Family Farms started as the childhood dream of an eight year old little girl. I remember opening a big book all about dogs when I saw a picture of a golden retriever giving birth. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to become a breeder and work with these amazing dog mamas! Golden retrievers were always my favorite dog breed as a child because of their amazing temperaments and compatibility with children. Because of my allergies doodles became the perfect breed for me to start working with.

Before becoming a breeder I got my bachelors in agricultural sciences and studied under several large experienced breeders. I began learning and gathering info long before I started breeding because I wanted to do everything the best way pawsible for the mamas and puppies. I currently mentor many breeders and have a large connection of other breeders who I can brainstorm with when a question arises.

Even the name "Sunflower Family Farms" came from a childhood dream. When I was about ten years old, a little weed started growing in our backyard. As a child, I knew there was something different about this weed as I had never seen one quite like it! Although I didn't know why it was special, I put a little box around it to protect it and watched it grow. To my surprise, it grew over six feet tall and one day opened up its little head to become a sunflower. Sunflowers have been my favorite flower since a very young age, and this specific flower is the one that Sunflower Family Farms is named after. The story behind it is to keep believing in your dreams even when no one around sees or understands them. 

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Please fill out one of our puppy applications if you are interested in adopting one of our babies. We are very active on Instagram and that is a great way to contact us about our puppies. 

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