Here are our expecting mamas! The litters with exact dates listed are mamas who are currently pregnant. The litters with only months listed are our best estimate for when they will give birth. They may give birth before/after these dates. Puppies go home eight weeks after they are born.

July 15th

Daisy & Bruce, F1 (35-50lbs)

Ariel & Bruce, F1 (35-45lbs)


Latte & Yogurt, Multigenerational (40-50lbs)

Samantha & (Bruce?), F1b (35-50lbs)


Elsa & Bruce, F1 (35-50lbs)

Finley & (?), F1b (40-50lbs)

*Weights listed above are just an estimate. Some puppies in the litter will be larger/smaller than than the estimated weights above. Check out our Meet the Pawrents page for parent weights. We can generally tell which puppies will be much larger, average, or smaller in each litter.*


Oop, we're currently clean out of pups!

We do have a waitlist for our future litters. If interested, simply fill out our application and once approved a $500 deposit is placed to join the waitlist.